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If I hear one more news report about Brad Pitt’s and Angelina Jolie’s baby, I’ll sh*t Brads and Angelinas. Its like no one ever had a baby before.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are American actors that had the distinction of being declared by People magazine as the most beautiful people on earth one year. No one knows how People magazine determines this or who gives them the right to declare this person or that person as the most beautiful on earth (this is a free country though) like they have looked at everyone on earth. I’m sure there are people on earth that others consider more beautiful than Pitt or Jolie.

Angelina Jolie has been riding high in the US among the press and Americans for many years now (so has Brad Pitt).

I wouldn’t put Jolie in the top ten of the most beautiful American Actors but she would end up in the top twenty (so would Brad Pitt). However no matter how beautiful Brad and Angela are, they should not dominate regular news just because they had a baby.

I was watching the news a couple week ago when while doing the top news stories for the day, the news anchor announced that Brad and Angelina had a baby girl. Good, and so did a million other couples probably. The celebrity worship in America really gets on my nerves.

I’m not trying to take anything away from Jolie. She is quite unique. She has a quirky and distinct personality. She suffered from self-mutation disease. In sexual matters, she engaged in sadomasochism, lesbianism and other manner of sexual expression. She engaged in a lot of other types of risqué behavior (by American standards) too. Despite all her strange or eccentric proclivities, she has taken on some very serious world problems by working for the UN (good looks has its perks).

Yes, she had become so popular around the world that she got a job with the UN pointing out world hunger that affects millions of children (adults too) in developing nations.

I guess, in the spirit of the UN She adopted some children from different parts of the world, taking a Mia Farrow turn, but not at numbers (at least not yet) as high as Farrow’s. Jolie’s family now sort of looks like a mini United Nations.

I have no problem with rich actors adopting orphaned children in developing nations who would probably have a much bleaker life if not adopted but why does it seem like Angelina picks up kids like she’s grocery shopping. Every trip to some developing nation she seems to pick up a child like a gallon of milk.

Brad Pitt has wanted to have children for years, but couldn’t find an actress who wanted to have any with him (part of the reason for the breakup with his past girlfriend the actress…what’s her name- Jennifer Anniston). He found a woman willing in Jolie with the only fly in the ointment being he’ll have to adopt the Asian and African children of Jolie.

How are these two lovebirds going to deal with the problems that arise from having a multi-ethnic family in the good ole USA? I guess they could ask Steven Spielberg whose African-American son was reportedly mistaken for a busboy at some Jewish function or they could ask Mia Farrow whose adopted daughter ended up sleeping with her step father (one of our much praised directors Woody Allen…he has made some funny movies… but life can be funnier than any movie script).

Thinking: It’s been quite some time since I last posted here. There are several things I’m considering. I think I mentioned them before.

I mentioned that I blogged at two sites (backgroundchat at is my other blog site). Well, the time is about here when one site must be given up.

I must admit I’m leaning towards the site. There are several reasons for this. Let me mention a few here. has been slightly more reliable than The joeuser site has had problems like the loading of web pages. I mean there have been many occasions where the page could just not be pulled up by my browser. And this problem was not only on my home computer, but also on computers I used at other locations.

One of the most important things I needed in a blog site was the ability to use the site or pull up my blog no matter where I am.

During one period I couldn’t decently access for weeks. This is not a good thing for a blogger.

At the time it made me think about going back to, which is now owned by google and is more reliable than when I first used the site. has had its problems, but overall has been quite robust. They also are committed to open source (Linux), which I’m committed to also although I presently use Windows online. This could change.

Of course if I give up it means big changes for my blogging at backgroundchat…big changes at least until I decide if I’m going to go to another blog site (more precisely web site of my own). Backgroundchat would have to become a more all-encompassing online journal.

Well, I’ll post my departure from if it comes to that.

Music Listened To While Writing This Blog: Purple rain and I could never take the place of your man both by Prince, secret garden by Bruce Springsteen, symphony no. 5 (‘Romantic’ - First Movement) by Howard Hanson, dancing machine by the Jackson 5, falling four the first time by Barenaked Ladies (from CD “Music From Malcolm In The Middle”), heaven is a halfpipe by OPM (from the CD “Music From Malcolm In The Middle), smile by Hanson (from CD “Music From Malcolm In The Middle”), drunk is better than dead by The Push Stars (from CD “Music From Malcolm In The Middle” - this CD is good with okay music arrangements and performances, the producers and directors of this television series know how to marry music to film and storyline - the writers of the music on this CD should be congratulated), live performance of jane says by Jane’s Addiction, and one of these nights by the Eagles.

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