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June 19, 2007 by averjoe
I think the women in pop/rock music are getting sexier and sexier. They're looking better than many actresses in many cases. I don't recall seeing so many hot women singers out at once before. I guess it shows the premium placed on looks for women singers nowadays.

I give Madonna much of the credit for being the first woman singer to use sex and her sexuality to help her music career. One of her first successful songs was “like a virgin”. The cover of the album had a busty and wedding-gowned ...
June 14, 2007 by averjoe
I had a chance to mess around a little with Microsoft's Vista operating system over the weekend. I wasn't that impressed with what I saw.

Microsoft claims Vista is selling very well, but I know of only one person who has Vista (Vista Basic). The only reason he has it is because he brought a new computer and it came with the Vista operating system.

I guess Microsoft is selling Vista to new computer manufacturers.

I haven't heard of any businesses rushing out to upgrade to Vista either, ...
May 25, 2007 by averjoe
Well, here are a few more of my mini reviews for some Oscar selected movies I viewed. With this blog entry, I think I've watched and wrote about all the movie that were nominated in the category of Best Picture, but if I missed one I'll check it out later.

I watched the movie “The Queen” on DVD. This movie is about the response of England's Queen Elizabeth in particular and the British government in general to the untimely death of Princess Diana due to a car accident in France.

The movi...
May 13, 2007 by averjoe
I guess most know that Imus the morning radio shock jock was fired for the comments he made(comments that can be found in my last blog entry).

The firing has already started to quash freedom of speech, especially as far as artistic expression is concerned. Several shock jocks have been fired because one group or another complained that what these radio DJs said was offensive.

It is unbelievable how carried away people can become when something that is said can be construed by someone as o...
April 12, 2007 by averjoe
Part shock jock (highly irreverent and comedic radio DJ) and serious news radio DJ Don Imus was recently suspended for two weeks from his job and the simulcast of his radio program on the MSNBC network was cancelled because he called the players of the Rutgers University predominately African-American woman’s basketball team “tattooed… nappy-haired hoes”.

The outrage over these statements grew the days after Imus expressed his opinion about the young women of the Rutgers and Tennessee women’s...
April 2, 2007 by averjoe
This is another review of the movies I’ve seen on DVD over the past month or so. I’m trying to see as many Oscar nominated movies as possible (with particular emphasis on the Best Picture category) but I also include non-Oscar nominated movies.

I tell ya, if it weren’t for VHS tapes or DVDs many of these films I might never have seen.

I don’t particular care for dramas (I find life or reality much more dramatic than anything on film – in most cases). Most actors and people though prefer d...
March 4, 2007 by averjoe
I Saw the Oscar Awards show this past Monday. The show was okay. Ellen DeGeneres did an okay job.

As with last year’s broadcast, I did not see most of the Oscar nominated movies at the theater but I have watched many on DVD.

Many of the nominated movies are not in theaters now and are still not out on DVD so I’ll have to wait a little while longer if I want to see them.

I need to put in a word or two about the Oscar nominated or awarded movies I did see on DVD. I’m not going to do any ...
January 31, 2007 by averjoe
I recently had the pleasure of troubleshooting an Apple computer Powerbook G4 (laptop computer). It had the Mac OS X operating system installed, running with a 1.33 Ghz CPU with 512 mb of DDR memory. The Powerbook was a twelve-inch screen machine with a DVD burner and GeForce FX video adapter.

I had to crack an administrator account password, delete the account and charge the battery. The owner was having trouble re-charging the battery and deleting the account.

While doing the assigned ta...
January 20, 2007 by averjoe
One of my micro star international mini atx motherboards seems to be going bad. The CMOS is unable to maintain time. One would notice this problem every time they logged into their system by the fact that the time would be wrong (time on operating system is usually based on motherboard time stored in the CMOS.

Normally, when one’s computer looses time it is simply a matter of replacing the lithium board battery. A worn out battery will cause the computer to loose time. A motherboard battery c...
January 11, 2007 by averjoe
Apple Computer is releasing a new phone in June that really looks great. The phone to be called the iphone runs the Apple computer operating system, acts as an mp3 player and a phone.

It may just be the cell phone to bridge a lot of media technologies being able to show all World Wide Web content, play movies, music and act as a phone.

The interface is also new to cell phones. I hear Apple has patented a few technologies for this phone.

I think it is a good move by Apple. More people w...
December 18, 2006 by averjoe
I saw the movie “Apocalypto” Saturday. The film takes place in and around the loose nit Mayan Empire at the time of the beginning of the end of this civilization.

The story revolves around the orgy of human sacrifice that engulfed the empire during a time of failing crops and famine and the need to find victims for human sacrifice, which the Mayan rulers found amongst the many rural tribes that occupied the forest that surrounded and/or made up the Empire.

The story focuses on the plight ...
December 12, 2006 by averjoe
I watched the documentary starring former Vice President and Presidential candidate Al Gore on global warming called “An Inconvenient Truth”.

I found the film thought provoking and engaging, but I’m still glad I waited to see it on DVD.

I think I mentioned before that as a rule I do not go to a movie theater to see a documentary film (maybe if the film is shown in an IMAX theater I would consider it, but otherwise I don’t see the point).

I just don’t feel like shelling out money to view...
December 7, 2006 by averjoe
I recently purchased two LCD computer monitors. There were two sales that I just could not pass up.

One was at Staples on a 19inch (with speakers) Optiquest LCD monitor for 149 dollars pre tax (with a mail-in rebate).

From what I’ve been seeing out there in LCD monitor prices this was a very good deal.

I have been very disappointed in the prices of LCD monitors. The average cost should have fallen much more than they have. There has to be some price fixing going on within the industry....
November 30, 2006 by averjoe
The tabloids in New York have been having a field day with newly divorced Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton and their partying in California. Headlines like “Bimbo Summit”appeared in these tabloids.

I think the entertainment news rags and the gossip section of tabloids were pushing for Britney to divorce Federline.

They actually labeled Federline a loafer stifling Britney’s fortunes made by using female sexuality to the fullest in her videos and music.

Federline is a dan...
October 13, 2006 by averjoe
Well, my recent change of operating systems from Windows 2000 Prof. to Windows XP Home Edition for online use has already run into problems. As I guess many already know eleven critical patches were released for most Windows operating systems this week.

One critical (I emphasis critical) patch had to be rescinded by Microsoft because it didn’t meet their standards (what! Microsoft has standards?).

Anyway, I have my Automatic Update settings on download all critical updates but let me choos...