One of my micro star international mini atx motherboards seems to be going bad. The CMOS is unable to maintain time. One would notice this problem every time they logged into their system by the fact that the time would be wrong (time on operating system is usually based on motherboard time stored in the CMOS.

Normally, when one’s computer looses time it is simply a matter of replacing the lithium board battery. A worn out battery will cause the computer to loose time. A motherboard battery cost between two and four dollars. Replacing it did not work for my motherboard.

So, I decided to flash the BIOS just in case (in a far off or unlikely possibility) some type of computer virus had some how corrupted the BIOS.

Updating the BIOS did not resolve the problem either. Things pointed back to the CMOS but I did not think it worth it to try and replace the chip.

The only sensible solution was to get another motherboard. I have to declare the board officially past its usefulness and discard it for another.

Linux Wireless: I finally found a version of Linux that can use one of the wireless network cards available to me.

Ubuntu Linux can use the Dlink DWL- 520+ wireless adapter. All one has to do is enter the IP address and encryption code to the default gateway (if one uses one) and away one goes.

Ubuntu distributions can be installed on a hard drive or used live from the CD. One has to mess a little more with configuration if one installs it on a hard drive to get the Dlink wireless adapter to work. If used from the CD things are a little bit easier.

Anyway, I’m happy I found a flavor of Linux that can use a wireless adapter. I think all Linux flavors should work towards making their operating systems functional with as many brands of wireless adapters as possible in order to gain a bigger share of the desktop computer market (bringing virtually free computing to the masses).

Meanwhile, if Dlink continues to make hardware that works with Linux then that will be the company I buy all my hardware from.

Windows XP Home Edition Experience: Well, I have been using windows xp home edition now for about three months and can make some observations.

Windows XP is a pain in the ass for the person who re-installs his operating system two or more times within a year or for the person who may have to reinstall his operating system for any reason at anytime.

The process to get windows xp activated a second time or more is cumbersome, aggravating and time consuming.

Then after you activate your windows xp a second time you probably will find other problems. Like I discovered when querying system information my system continued to tell me that my version of windows was not activated.

Anyway, the pain in the ass process of activating my operating system a second time will definitely push me to using a flavor of Linux for going online.

Also these few months of using windows xp has made me realize that windows 2000 professional is a better operating system than windows xp home edition. Microsoft’s programmers may have designed an operating system that does not have as much spaghetti code as older versions of windows but Windows 2000 professional is more stable.

Sure, windows 2000 professional gets as many computer viruses as xp and is as holey an operating system as xp, but windows 2000 prof. is also a little more robust.

Maybe I shouldn’t compare windows xp home edition with windows 2000 professional. It might be better to compare windows 2000 professional with windows xp professional. However the differences between xp home and professional are not that great.

Music listened to as I wrote this blog and did other things on my computer:

“Good Shepherd” (take on a religious song by this group) and “We Can Be Together” by Jefferson Airplane (for those that like their music punctuated with electric guitar these two songs by Jefferson Airplane should do the trick- I said punctuated, not running over –although I do intend on listing a bunch of songs with some intense skilled electric guitar playing someday), “Captain Jack” and “We didn’t Start The Fire” by Billy Joel, “Werewolves of London” by Warren Zevon, “Come And Get Your Love” by Redbone, “Final Eyes” by Yes, “Everyday People” by Sly and the Family Stone, “Another Brick In The Wall (part II)” by Pink Floyd, “Check It Out” by Beyonce, “Buttons” by The Pussycat Dolls (these last two are what I call dick stiffening songs), “Move Along” by The All-American Rejects and “Bad Day” by Daniel Powter.

All of these songs get an A or B grade in my view.

on Jan 20, 2007
dick stiffening

...arthritic chap, is he? ..Dick, that is

btw ...never had a problem with re-install/re-activation on XP home or Pro, and I've done at least 4 re-installs over the last couple of years.

Never had the non-recognition problem, either. Always said activation was good.

Interesting to read your experiences with the various OS's though. Hope all works out satisfactorily.
on Jan 20, 2007
Windows 2000 Professional works well but it looks very drab. XP works just as well but is more customizable. I've used both.

I found the part about the music to be a bit self indulgent. I can hear the fish tank pump bubbling away right now but sad to say I'm still kind of limp.
on Jan 20, 2007
I have had no problem activating XP many times. I have never had to call. I have installed it at least 5 times.

And from MY experiences at least, XP is much more stable than 2000.

The reason you say 2000 is more robust is because you bought the Home edition of XP. Look for Pro.
on Jan 20, 2007

I have installed XP many times both at home and at work and never once had a problem with activation.

One observation from this messageboard is all the people having activation problems seem to be Linux users...   

on Jan 20, 2007
all the people having activation problems seem to be Linux users

They must be less intelligent.
on Jan 20, 2007
Perhaps they are too stiff!
on Jan 20, 2007
They must be less intelligent.

Guess it must be the blood rushing from their heads to help with that 'arthritic' condition.
on Jan 20, 2007
Your motherboard may have battery problems. Is it possible that it is just battery dying?

New battery for motherboard is not that expensive either.
on Jan 31, 2007
Boy, I found these comments informative and funny.