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May 13, 2007 by averjoe
I guess most know that Imus the morning radio shock jock was fired for the comments he made(comments that can be found in my last blog entry).

The firing has already started to quash freedom of speech, especially as far as artistic expression is concerned. Several shock jocks have been fired because one group or another complained that what these radio DJs said was offensive.

It is unbelievable how carried away people can become when something that is said can be construed by someone as o...
April 12, 2007 by averjoe
Part shock jock (highly irreverent and comedic radio DJ) and serious news radio DJ Don Imus was recently suspended for two weeks from his job and the simulcast of his radio program on the MSNBC network was cancelled because he called the players of the Rutgers University predominately African-American woman’s basketball team “tattooed… nappy-haired hoes”.

The outrage over these statements grew the days after Imus expressed his opinion about the young women of the Rutgers and Tennessee women’s...
September 4, 2005 by averjoe
I would be remise if I didn’t have one entry in my blog on this site concerning the devastation in the Gulf states of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama and the subsequent response of the US government at the local, state, and federal level.

In the wake of this disaster the mayor (New Orleans), governors and the US President failed to respond in a timely and sufficient manner for approximately four days after the storm.

The insufficient response meant a very weak search and rescue respon...
August 6, 2005 by averjoe
One of the funniest things I saw was columnist and news commentator Bob Novak swearing and walking off set during a program segment with the ragin’ cajin’. I admit that sometimes the rapid fire mumbling of James Carville can drive one nuts but decorum demands that you sit there and make it through the segment and not loose your cool.

I have read some off the columns by Novak. In newspaper archives I have found articles by him and another columnist named Rowan.

I have found Novak to be an ...
July 5, 2005 by averjoe
The army recently said that many service men and women or potential new recruits are “too fat to fight”. Everytime I say these words I have to laugh.

No matter if I say it regularly, whisper it, ask a question, or exclaim it, it sounds funny. The words just seem to fit together so perfectly.

The meaning of the phrase seems so wrong. What about all those big and fat bodyguards and bouncers?

I think someone should put the “too fat to fight” charge to the test and attack a big burly bo...
November 7, 2004 by averjoe
Looks like abortion rights will eventually be severely restricted or eliminated because of likely changes on the Supreme Court of the United States.

Our present President is against abortion and it is highly likely that he will seek to appoint judges that will most likely restrict or eliminate abortion rights.

It seems likely that President Bush will have the opportunity to appoint at least two (and possibly more) Supreme Court justices.

Women will be forced back into the dark allies ...
November 4, 2004 by averjoe
I voted the other day. I’m happy that all but one of the people I voted for won. There were no difficulties voting. Unlike that being reported in the news there were not any long lines where I voted.

I voted early in the morning though. I like getting it over with so I don’t have to think about it again during the day.

If you decide to vote later in the day and it’s not due to work then you run the risk of forgetting to vote or of other matters coming up that may prevent you from voting....
October 29, 2004 by averjoe
A major find in archeology occurred this week. On an island in Indonesia a new Homo species was reportedly discovered.

This species lived during the times that modern man lived (just like Neanderthal Man). An adult female stood approximately three feet tall (stood upright). This species seemed to live in groups, made tools and mastered fire.

Archeologists are calling the new find Homo Floresiensis (Flores Man). The find ranged from ninety-five thousand to twelve thousand years old.

September 2, 2004 by averjoe
What political party does one belong to if he endorses a Republican President, attends the Republican convention, and gives the keynote address at the Republican convention? You are a Republican of course and so is Zell Miller. Miller is a Democrat in name only.

If one truly wants to support the Party he or she belongs to then there are better ways to go about it and they don’t include endorsing the re-election of a President from another Party.

Miller needs to let go of his hold on so ca...
August 21, 2004 by averjoe
After the terrorist attacks of 9/11 the distinguished governor McGreevey of New Jersey decided to appoint a homeland security czar for the state. He picked Cipal Golan, an Israeli citizen to fill this post.

It was a complete mystery to the press and many others as to why he would pick Cipal since he did not have the training for the position, was relatively young for the position, and was not even an American citizen.

A lot of controversy developed at this appointment and Cipal Golan soon...
July 27, 2004 by averjoe
Teresa Heinz, presidential candidate John Kerry’s wife told a convention reporter who writes for a right wing paper to “shove it” for always misquoting her. The problem is the reporter was at least half correct when he repeated something Teresa had said and asked her to elaborate.

I wouldn’t mind Teresa telling someone to “shove it” if just a little bit earlier she wasn’t talking about how bitter, personal, and uncivilized our public discourse had become. For Teresa soon after her admonishme...
June 27, 2004 by averjoe
A few days ago in the distinguish Senate of the United States our Vice President told the distinguished Senator from Vermont Leahy (D) to, “ go fuck yourself”. Lets just sit back and think about aged and ‘wise’ Cheney tells equally aged and ‘wise’ Leahy to “go fuck yourself”. Whenever I look at VP Cheney I will be sure to remember those wise words to Senator Leahy to “go fuck yourself”

I have as big a temper as anyone and have been in heated arguments with others for one reason or another but...
June 12, 2004 by averjoe
Journalism ceased to exit this week when it comes to the passing of our former President. In the US we have suffered a whole week of unbelievable sickenly sweet testimonials about the former President Reagan. Maybe it was under some standard of etiquette the press was following that says something like don’t speak ill of the dead but this was a public official not uncle Albert (where negative criticisms will suddenly appear many years after his passing attached to the obligatory phrase Lord ble...
February 7, 2004 by averjoe
No, this is not a headline from a tabloid magazine. A two-headed baby was born to a couple down in the Dominican Republic. The heads were not side by side but one on top of the other. It was an eerie sight to see the little baby drinking milk (as shown on CNN) from a baby bottle and another head on top of its head.

Surgery was attempted to remove the other head, which did not seem to have a brain or wasn’t conscious (I don’t think the brain was shared with the other head either), although t...
February 4, 2004 by averjoe
What is all this hoopla about the exposed breast of Janet Jackson? It is absolutely ridiculous to make such a big deal out of a three second moment during the half time show of the Super Bowl. I missed the cherry topped chocolate ice cream scoop (rats!!!) but from what I read it only lasted a few seconds and many didn’t even realize there was an exposed mammary gland. With all the noise being made about this incident you’d think Janet pulled out both mounds and then stood in front of Justin’s fa...