Looks Great
Published on January 11, 2007 By averjoe In Gadgets & Electronics
Apple Computer is releasing a new phone in June that really looks great. The phone to be called the iphone runs the Apple computer operating system, acts as an mp3 player and a phone.

It may just be the cell phone to bridge a lot of media technologies being able to show all World Wide Web content, play movies, music and act as a phone.

The interface is also new to cell phones. I hear Apple has patented a few technologies for this phone.

I think it is a good move by Apple. More people will be exposed to the operating system that runs Apple computers and this in turn could encourage more people to switch from Microsoft run computers to Apple run computers.

The Apple computer will become more competitive taking a bigger share of the home PC market and giving a much-needed serious challenge to the dominance of the Microsoft run computer.

I am not a big fan of Apple computers because the price of Apple computers is kept very high by the proprietary hardware and software that Apple uses. Apple holds its patents and licenses tightly and this has kept the price of Apple goods, from personal computers to the Ipod, artificially high.

The new phone is supposed to prices around 499 to 599 dollars, which is not cheap. The fact that it pushes cell phone use and technology a little bit ahead will be a saving grace though.

It should sell pretty well in my opinion. I even felt a strange desire to have one even though I don’t believe in paying top dollar for a cell phone (or portable hand sized computer and phone in the iphone’s case).

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