Published on December 12, 2006 By averjoe In Entertainment
I watched the documentary starring former Vice President and Presidential candidate Al Gore on global warming called “An Inconvenient Truth”.

I found the film thought provoking and engaging, but I’m still glad I waited to see it on DVD.

I think I mentioned before that as a rule I do not go to a movie theater to see a documentary film (maybe if the film is shown in an IMAX theater I would consider it, but otherwise I don’t see the point).

I just don’t feel like shelling out money to view a documentary in a theater. Nothing about seeing a documentary film in a theater will enhance the experience so what’s the point.

I do watch documentaries on regular television and will rent a DVD of one if the price is not too high (price of a movie ticket would be too high).

“An Inconvenient Truth” is a good film as far as documentaries go.

The film pretty succinctly summarizes in understandable language and terms global warming and surrounding issues.

The film does this by following Al Gore around as he gives speeches to audiences at various venues around the world.

Gore is the narrator in the film and tells the story of how he got involved in the global warming issue, how he tried many years ago during his time in the US Congress to get legislation passed to deal with the situation and how he now travels the world warning about the effects of global warming and the danger it posses to the world.

Interspersed in Gore’s narration are stories from his life and the lessons he learned from his life experiences. He tangles his life experiences with global warming and his travels around the world to warn people of the serious issue of global warming..

This technique of relating ones life in some way with the subject of global warming makes the subject matter even easier to digest and understand and in the process enables one to learn more about Al Gore.

My experience with documentary films is very modest so assigning a grade to one is kind of difficult, but I have seen many documentaries on natural phenomena and a few on historical topics so I will use those exposures to help inform my grading.

“An Inconvenient Truth” is a timely piece of critical importance and (as I said earlier) it summarizes global warming and its impact in such an understandable and enjoyable way that I must give it a grade of A.

An Inconvenient Truth” may be one of the most important films made in recent history. It behooves all to see it (if they want to understand global warming and some of its consequences).

on Dec 12, 2006
How does ol' Al get around on his Trail of Untruths? Does he ride a bike or some other fuel-less form of travel? Nope, he burns those evil fossil fuels that he tells the rest of us not to use.

When he made his mock-you-mentally, where did all the edited footage end up? Do you know what happens to all that excess footage after it's cleaned up off the cutting room floor? It's shredded and thrown away... that's right, all that non-biodegradeable celluloid adds to the evil landfills that ol' Al says is all our fault.

The fact is, the only thing ol' Al has to do with global warming is making a mint off it.

Glad you enjoyed the entertainment of the film though... at least it has some purpose.
on Dec 12, 2006
I wish people would stop referring to propaganda films and documentaries. 
on Dec 12, 2006
I wish anonymous users would sign up before opening their big mouths!
on Dec 12, 2006
I wish anonymous users would sign up before opening their big mouths!

Don't you just love the anon spammers, though . . . even when they think they've got something to say, usually they're full of shit. Oh well. Whatever.
on Dec 18, 2006
"An Inconvenient Truth" is not a film that is based on fiction but hard science that i have been reading about from many hard and social science specialties for several years now. I guess humankind does have the right to incinerate itself.

Of course, when i say incinerate i am exaggerating but the facts listed by Al Gore in the film are not exaggerations.

Countries like the United States may be able to deal with all the extreme changes that will occur due to global warming, but most of the people of the world live in the underdeveloped world where things will quickly become disastrous .

I think it is time for all of us to listen to the majority of the scientist who observe these things and that say the world climate is undergoing drastic change that is probably mostly due to human activities. I think the film is more scientific fact than propaganda.