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I think the women in pop/rock music are getting sexier and sexier. They're looking better than many actresses in many cases. I don't recall seeing so many hot women singers out at once before. I guess it shows the premium placed on looks for women singers nowadays.

I give Madonna much of the credit for being the first woman singer to use sex and her sexuality to help her music career. One of her first successful songs was “like a virgin”. The cover of the album had a busty and wedding-gowned Madonna on her back and giving a sensuous stare.

Right now, there are many luscious ladies using all of their sexual assets to help their careers. Beyonce, Shakira, Aguilera are all beautiful sirens that are using their beauty to help sell their music (there are many others).

I really noticed Aguilera when she became a platinum blond wearing read lipstick. The look (with the music of course) really caught my eye (and ear).

Now, good looks alone would not keep these ladies afloat in the music business. The music still must be enjoyed by a lot of people for them to be successful, but I think these ladies appearance really brings them attention and interest. I'm sure it keeps many of their male fans cumming.

Just Noticed: I watched Conan O'Brien last night and heard some really great music by the White Stripes. The lead singer/guitar man really knows how to play electric guitar (and other instruments). I was really impressed with the composition and lyrics to the songs played on the O'Brien show.

White Stripes are showmen too. The red/white theme and staging were excellent. They really know how to give a performance.

I haven't noticed such good playing of the guitar in a new pop/rock group since Mayer. When Mayer plays the guitar he seems to be channeling his guitar or something. He makes all those funny facial expressions and grimaces (at least he use to). Even his string skills don't seem to match those found in the lead musician/singer in White Stripes. I look forward to listening to more White Stripes music and learning more about the group.

The group may have been around a little while, but I just noticed them.

Music Notes: I read that classical music is not selling well at all nowadays which is an unfortunate thing. There are some excellent songs by the “old masters”. Some of them many people have probably heard, but did not realize it.

If you keep an ear out for classical music, it can be heard in movie scores, cartoons, and commercials. I guess many do not know that many original movie scores can be classified as modern classical music.

I read a news article that said one of the world's most prominent violinist played some classic pieces in the subways of New York and almost no one noticed the quality of the playing or the person. It looks like classical music is going to find itself relegated to the movie score.

Well, I thought I'd list some compositions by the masters that have left an impression on me and that I have enjoyed through the years. If none of these is two one's liking, then classical music is definitely something that one does not like which is too bad since it is some of the most complex and beautiful music known to man.

Here are some of the classics that I have enjoyed; “Canon in d by Pachelbel”, “Air” (orchestral suite no. 3 in d) by Bach, “Piano Concerto no. 1” (all movements), “The Nutcracker Suite” (all) both by Tchaikovsky, “Water Music Suite” by George Frederic Handel, “William Tell Overture”(conclusion) by Rossini, “Fanfare to the Common Man” and “Appalachian Spring” both by Copland, “Symphony no. 2 'Romantic' “by Hanson, Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, opus 64” (all movements) by Mendelssohn, “Dance of the Bumble Bee” by Rimisky-Korsakov, “Also Sprach Zarathustra (fanfare)” by R. Strauss, “The Blue Danube (waltz)” by J. Strauss II, “Ride of the Valkyries” and “Lohengrin” both by Wagner, “Adagio for Strings” by Barber, “Moonlight Sonata” (1st movement) and “Symphony no. 5” (1st movement) both by Beethoven, “Hungarian Rhapsody no. 2” by Liszt, “Trumpet Concerto in e flat” (3rd movement) by Haydn, “Light Cavalry (overture)” by Suppe, “Brandenburg Concerto no.3” (1st movement) by Bach, “Cradle Song” By Brahms, “Symphonies no. 40 and 41 'Jupiter' “ (all movements) by Mozart, “Rhapsody in Blue” and “American in Paris” by Gershwin, “The Rite of Spring (chosen one)” and “The Firebird” both by Stravinsky, “Oboe Concerto no. 2, opus 9 (adagio)” by Albinoni, “Peer Gynt Suite no.1, opus 46 (in the hall of the mountain king)” by Grieg, “The Planets, opus 32 (mars, the bringing of war)” by Holst and “Romeo and Juliet suite no.2” by Prokofiev.

Well, there it is. I may have some spelling errors or something in there, but I have no editor so such mistakes should be expected.

Classical music is partially about the conductor and orchestra. There are different skill levels and sound in orchestras. The conductor also has something to do with the sound and/or performance of an orchestra, therefore a piece of music can sound differently depending on the orchestra and/or conductor. This is something to keep in mind when listening to or purchasing classical music.

I think I wrote about classical music before(maybe not in this blog though), but it is good to remind oneself of some (overlooked) good music now and then.

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