Published on March 4, 2005 By averjoe In Personal Computing
After using a Linksys Wireless B adapter for the last year or so I’ve finally decided to adopt the G standard. I purchased a NetGear USB adapter that uses the G standard.

I was kind of hesitant to get a Netgear card because a bad experience I had and to some extent still am having with a PCI G standard NetGear wireless adapter presently being used by a family member.

There seems to be some type of conflict between the drivers that come with the card and those built into the Windows XP Home Edition SP2 operating system. Although I got this card to work there are still performance issues that I cannot resolve. So it was with quite a bit of hesitation and concern that I picked another NetGear wireless adapter for myself.

I consulted several sources with professional ratings and consumer ratings to come to my decision to buy this adapter.

Sure enough one purchaser had an experience similar to the one I had with Windows XP and the adapter but I was familiar with this problem so the very low rating the consumer gave the card did not phase me.

My initial experience using the wireless adapter under the Windows operating system I prefer to use over all other Windows operating systems (Windows 2000 Professional although Linux is my favorite operating system- Linux is still not easy enough to use on a regular basis by most but the many distributors of the many flavors of Linux are working on it) was okay……. sorry about that long insertion.

The WG111T cost a whopping seventy-nine, ninety-nine plus tax at Circuit City but with up to thirty dollars in rebates the final cost will be about forty nine, ninety-nine which is not bad for this adapter.

on Mar 04, 2005
All I can add is that I used a Netgear Wireless "B" adapter for a couple years and it was the very same issue with XP SP1, finally,(It worked fine on a win98 machine I had) just before the release of SP2, Netgear decided to release a driver that works with SP1...I can only imagine the issues now with SP2.. I finally tired of it and got rid of it and went to personal DSL and I am happier for it..
Needless to say I am not a big "Netgear" fan now, I think they have trouble staying up to date with everybody, which kinda leaves the consumer stuck.

on Mar 04, 2005
Shoulda got the linksys G. Much better card for the money w/o the issue.