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Published on March 30, 2005 By averjoe In Personal Computing
Epson Printer: I now have an Epson Stylus CX4600 printer. It is one of those all-in-one wonders that copies, prints, and scans. The CX4600 also has slots for various digital camera memory cards (yes, it can print photos). I wasn’t even looking for the picture making ability but it is nice to know that I have it and got it for a pretty good price. The printer came in at about eighty-five dollars (with tax) from Target and this was not a sale price as was the case for a similar Hewlett-Packard printer.

The CX4600 is kind of slow with printing and copying. The scanning is pretty fast.

Would I recommend the CX4600? The answer is no. I’m not happy with the slow printing and copying speeds. There is also an annoying delay in the printing of anything immediately after you turn the printer on. You have to wait a minute or two before you can do anything. I may tolerate this nonsense but I don’t expect anyone else to.

I have owned two other printers before this one and never had to wait a minute or two after turning the printers on in order to print but maybe this problem is common or universal with printer, scanner and copier combos.

Hewlett Packard: HP is flooding the market with competitively priced printers. However I wanted to avoid HP products. My father owns several HP made products (printer and digital camera) that I picked out for him in part because of price.

In general I have nothing against HP printers or digital cameras but I hate to see a company try and control or dominate the market in any particular product because if it ends up putting other companies out of the printer or digital camera business it will come back to haunt the consumer in higher prices with no competition in sight for the price gouging company. In other words HP may have cheap prices now but when the competition is gone you’ll probably see prices skyrocket. For this reason and others I did not want an HP printer.

One product I will not buy for a reason other than that one mentioned above is HP computers. I actually discourage people from purchasing HP (and Compaq) computers because I just don’t like the way they sell their computers.

With most of their computers they do not give you a disc with a clean copy of the operating system on it. Instead, on a hidden partition from which you can create what they call Recovery Disc they have the ‘Windows XP Home Edition brought to you by Hewlett-Packard’ brand operating system that a person can use to restore his system if tragedy happens.

Any computer you buy should come with a clean set of operating system discs (disc) that you could use if you desired on any IBM based computer you choose and not one chucked full of design and manufacturer specific software. In other words I don’t want Microsoft Windows software with a Compaq or Hewlett-Packard logo on my computer’s desktop. I don’t want a ‘HP Windows’ operating system or a ‘Windows brought to you by HP’ operating system. I want a disc with a regular copy of Microsoft’s Windows XP Home Edition or Professional (or whatever operating system) to come with my new computer.

The bottom line is you should have separate disc(s) for the HP software, third party software, and the operating system. Anything less is not recommended.

Johnnie Cochran: Cochran passed away yesterday. He died of brain cancer. He was sixty-seven. He was a lawyer who became famous (or infamous) for defending O.J. Simpson (former football star, sports commentator and actor) against murder charges. Cochran organized a team of highly skilled and intelligent attorneys and specialist that successful defended O.J. against a pretty strong murder rap.

Previously Cochran was involved in the Civil Rights Movement by defending some controversial and non controversial figures in the Movement.

About American justice and the legal system in the United States Cochran said, “The color of justice is green”.

I was impressed with his smooth style and his ability to clearly spin a tale before a jury. Johnnie Cochran did leave an impression on me. I’m sure he will be missed.

on Mar 30, 2005
I can address the Printer issue, or at least think I can. The Epson used to have a routine where the printer heads tested themselves, determined ink tank content volume and also runs a diagnotics on itself. This one annoying set of (ahem) features. The really sad part is it will do it every time you start the printer. What they also do is discharge a miniscule amout of ink (where it goes I havn't a clue) to clear the ink jets (and waste ink faster). They started all that crap after the last good printer they made, the Stylus Color.
Also I echo your problems with HP. I'll share a horror story with you from Personal Experience. I purchased a brand new ZV5037wm Notebook PC. The (wm) on the end stands for WalMart, so now whenever you see that tacked onto the end you'll know. I took it home and it was absolutely beautiful to behold. The wide Screen Format for laptops is breath taking. I soon after started noticing some over bright pixels along the bottom edge of the LCD. I worried a bit and went to HPs' website and they have a FAQ as to LCD Defects and definitions of such and it leads you to the conclusion that some minor defects are to be expected, due to the nature of LCD manufacture. I am a technician so this is understandable. I do not like it but I could live with it. Well, as you are probably guessing the Defects started getting ALOT worse, until the bottom edge of my screen was pretty much useless, to the thickness of the Windows Taskbar. Now I am pretty upset by this time, and am going through the HP Support site and call in to attempt to get the Machine repaired. I have to say that due to starting a new job and going through training, and some family issues being resolved , I was getting pretty close to the end of my warranty. Mind you I was not out of warranty by more than a month and a half, and knowing this I was devoting alot of time to getting it solved quickly.So there I am with a bad screen, and the Notebook Power Assembly Jack decided to pack it in. So now I couldn't recharge the battery, without holding the cord in many precarious position. So I contach HP once again and gain an additional ticket number for this issue. HP now tells me that they are going to send FEDEX, to my door to pick up the Notebook for repair, and that this is a bonafide warranty issue as well as the screen issue. WOW! I am impressed with this Service. Door to Door service, with insured shipping. Fabulous, I think. Three days later I am about to get a RUDE Awakening. I receive an email stating none of my repairs are to be warrantied, and my bill to get my laptop back is going to be $650 US. I spend a nerve wracking week, fighting my way through the HP Tech Supports' different levels, and searching the Web for ways to contact someone, in the USA about the specific damage to my machine that is the reason for the unwarrantied repair bill. I eventually find out that a Liquid has been poured on my Mainboard (Motherboard) and that is the reason for the charges (supposedly.) Now here is a fact. My machine has left my desktop a total of 4 times, honestly. Each time I have removed it, it goes into a hardshelled case and travels, in my vehicle in a cusioned back seat, never a floorboard. To note also it has a special Desk I built for it, that is on rollers with a riser, that the Notebook sits on and a keyboard and trackball set under the Notebook. See? no way for any liquids to get near it, as the Desk is too smal to set drinks on and function. I built it this way on purpose. I spent around $1500 for this laptop and was determined to take care of it, properly. I will admit I have several desktop machines, and abuse them somewhat unmercifully. Well, to the extent that I do not care that the covers are on, and will throw parts in and out of them depending on my needs. But they are cared for and cleaned out and maintained regularly. The Notebook is my Baby though, and it gets special treatment. Anyhow, back to the saga. I am promsed by HP that I will be contacted by the Technicians, then QA Quality Assurance, I am hung up on three different times, by (supposedl) Floor Managers. Like I said before, I am a Technician and am now doing Call center Support (again.) I know the routines to walk through the layers of a Call center. I do some web searching and find out that this @650 dollar MOBO thing is a scam, reported by many people on many websites, and I am the latest participant. I then get contacted by HPs QA Rep. He tries every trick in the book to get me to admit I have neglected my Notebook, damaged it or also that it might have been damaged by a spill with out me even knowing about it. I stick to my resolve and my story arguing all the way, and tell them to just fix the screen then and send the laptop back to me. I am a Technician and will ebay me a MOBO and fix the rest myself. Suddenly!!! I am going down a different track! Well HP will eat the charges for the repair, and they are so sorry about the confusion, and my laptop will be authorized for return at no cost, to me personally. YUP, I said FREE!!! Also I have an additional 90 day warranty on the replaced screen and MOBO. Suspicious??? I now am. I will never buy another HP again. I only bought this one because they bought out Compaq, and I have several Compaq machines that are TANKS, and refuse to stop functioning properly. I was going to buy a DELL, but at the time the feature list on this one had DELL Beat by a mile, in costs and choice.
on Mar 31, 2005
My husband has a top of the line HP, I have a midline Lexmark. I would'nt trade mine for anything. They work great and have a great price. I have had mine for 2 years now without one problem.
on Mar 31, 2005
I have an Epson printer which was very slow at startup, however, I switched to the usb port and cable and now the printing is immediate.

The above responsde looks interesting but without one paragraph inserted, I get eye strain...
on Mar 31, 2005
I have both an Epson and an HP printer.

I like both better than I liked Johnnie Cochran.

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on May 08, 2005
Some funny and insightful stuff posted here.
on May 21, 2005
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